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Senior Drivers

Looking for insurance discounts?

Taking our 4-Hr Basic Driver Improvement course may qulaify you for an insurance discount. Please confirm with your insurance company to see if our 4-Hr BDI course can help reduce your rates!

Register for BDI here!


If you are concerned about a loved one's driving ability, we can help!

Driving skills can change. A range of medical problems can affect the ability to drive safely. People with cognitive impairment may be dangerous to themselves or others on the road. A knowledgeable informant who has observed the client’s driving skills can be useful in determining if a client should stop driving.

DORE: The DriveABLE On-Road Evaluation, provided by Suncoast Safety Council (SSC), is a scientifically based driving assessment and standardization of procedure for evaluating medically at-risk drivers.

Indicators of Unsafe Driving:

• Dents on car
• Difficulty understanding traffic signs
• Driving too fast or too slow
• Failure to notice street signs
• Getting lost in familiar areas
• Miscalculating speed and distances
• Near misses
• Poor judgment
• Traffic tickets/crashes

For more information, please call
(727) 442-5121 or e-mail


Coaching the Senior Driver

Driving today is more difficult than it has ever been due to more traffic, bigger vehicles, and faster speeds. We know that driving is an important part of your independence, let us help you ensure your safety for yourself and your loved ones.

While you may be a good driver, physical changes can affect your ability to drive safely. With our in car coaching sessions, we can help you learn how to overcome and adapt to normal age related physical challenges that may affect your driving.

Today’s world is fast. Reacting to diverse situations becomes easier when you know how to handle them. Our one-on-one coaching will help refine your skills and self-assurance needed to handle all types of driving situations. Personalized, 1 1/2 hour sessions are tailored to the level of experience of each individual.

AAA Members Save 10%
AAA & retired military members receive a 10% discount on most services!

For more information, please call
(727) 442-5121 or e-mail

Suncoast Safety Tips

Listen Up


Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases. Always wear your recommended equipment to prevent hearing loss (canal caps, earplugs or earmuffs), which may vary depending on the noise level and work environment. If you are uncertain, ask. If you have to shout over noise to be heard on or off the job, that noise could be damaging your hearing.