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Senior Drivers

Coaching the Senior Driver

Driving today is more difficult than it has ever been due to more traffic, bigger vehicles, and faster speeds. We know that driving is an important part of your independence, let us help you ensure your safety for yourself and your loved ones.

While you may be a good driver, physical changes can affect your ability to drive safely. With our in car driving lessons, we can help you learn how to overcome and adapt to normal age related physical challenges that may affect your driving.

Today’s world is fast, reacting to diverse situations becomes easier when learning how to handle them.

Driving Lesson Packages
Number of Lessons
AAA Rate
1 lesson (1.5 hrs.)
4 lesson package  (6 hrs.)
6 lesson package  (9 hrs.)
8 lesson package (12 hrs.)
3 Crashes in 3 Years - Court Ordered
DMV Road Test- Incl. Car, Pick-Up & Drop-Off

AAA members receive a 10% discount on most lessons and services!

AAA Members Save 10%
Registration is easy!
To register, please call (727) 442-5121

Our one-on-one coaching will help you develop the skills and self-assurance to handle all types of driving situations. If you have never driven before or you just want to improve specific driving skills, let us help you.

Private lessons are customized to the level of experience and need of each student. A lesson is 1 ½ hours in length. Our lessons focus on the following subjects:

  • How to control the vehicle
  • Rules of the Road
  • How to Handle Hazardous Conditions
  • Around Town and Highway Driving
  • Defensive Driving
  • Lane Change
  • Turns in residential neighborhoods
  • Night Driving
  • Turns at City Intersections
  • 3 Point Turns
  • Parking including Parallel and Diagonal
  • Speed Controls
  • Pulling Into Traffic
  • 3 Part Braking
  • Mirrors and Blind Spots
  • Right of Way Rules
  • Reactions to Hazards
  • Visual Scanning for Possible Hazards

While our lessons are for new and experienced drivers, our beginner drivers start with the basics, such as:

  • Starting / Stopping
  • Pulling into Traffic
  • City driving
  • Procedures at Intersections
  • Turns
  • Straight Driving
  • Speed Control
  • Safe Driving Techniques
  • Parking
  • Interstate Driving
  • Time & Space Management
  • Preparation for Road Test


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Maintain a clean work area. Not only will you remove many hazards from a work area by keeping it clean, but you will also provide a more productive work environment for your employees.