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DUI Program

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Links

1. I received my DUI in another state. Will you inform them once I complete the program requirements?

It is the client’s responsibility to provide the certificate of completion to that state unless a transfer has occurred.

2. Do I have to have an evaluation if the Court has already sent me for an evaluation?

DHSMV requires approved education and evaluation components of the DUI program, this is likely different than the evaluation the Court has sent you for.

3. Why is a DUI course required when my arrest was for drug charges and I wasn't driving?

Florida statues require the DUI program for persons convicted of chapter 893 and seeking a hardship license.

4. Can I split the classes to fit my schedule rather than taking them exactly as they are offered?

Classes must be taken in the sequence offered.

5. Once I complete the DUI requirements, do I need to take my completion certificate to the Department of Motor Vehicles?

Yes, if you are seeking a driving privilege.

6. Are there any hidden costs that I need to be made aware of?

All our fees are posted on our Registration page. If referred to treatment, the agencies providing treatment will charge a fee.

7. Where do I obtain the documents needed for registration?

You may obtain documents from the Clerk of Court in the county in which the offense occurred. In Pinellas County the telephone number to the Clerk of Court is (727) 464-7000. Arresting law enforcement agency may also be a resource for information.

8. When do I get my completion certificate?

You will receive a certificate of completion after completing both the education and evaluation components of the program.

Suncoast Safety Tips
Machine Hazards Lurk in Offices Too


Don’t underestimate machine hazards in the office. Pay attention when using paper cutters and machines with feed mechanisms, particularly if you’re wearing loose clothing or dangling jewelry.