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DUI Program

Level 2 DUI Program


Registration may be done in-person at either of our two (2) locations or pre-registration through our secure on-line service. Persons registering for the Pinellas County DUI Program must live, work, or attend school in Pinellas County.

The following items are necessary for registration:

  • Proof of positive identification (if available) - Drivers License, Florida ID Card, Work ID, or Military ID.

  • Citation / Ticket

  • Readable Copy of Arrest Affidavit-can be obtained at the Clerk of the Circuit/County Court in the county the arrest occurred. If you had a traffic crash, you must provide a copy of the report, which can be obtained from the arresting agency.

  • Breath/Blood or Urine Test Results or Refusal to Test

  • Judgment of Guilt (Court Order) if available. This is NOT the Probation Order.

  • If licensed out of state, contact the program for instructions.

**IMPORTANT: Did your DUI occur outside of Florida or on an out of state license?

If so, you must contact our office and cannot register online. Every state has different DUI requirements and contacting our office before registering will allow our staff to assist you in meeting the specific requirements of each state involved. Failure to contact our office before registration may result in fees and delays in completing each state's requirements and may subsequently affect you obtaining and/or status of your driver license. To speak to a representative call : (727) 442-0233 ext. 541

The DUI Level II Drug and Alcohol Education Course is twenty-one hours (21) of instruction, which has been designed to specifically address issues pertaining to clients who have been convicted for more than one alcohol or drug related traffic offense, and/or meet the criteria below:

  • Person has previously attended a DUI Level I Drug and Alcohol Education Course; or
  • Has been convicted of two or more times of an offense requiring DUI program attendance; or
  • If attending in pre-conviction status, attendance at DUI Level II drug and alcohol education course will be made if DUI Level I Drug and Alcohol has already been completed.
  • If a client is convicted of another DUI offense while attending the DUI Level I program, he/she must complete both the DUI Level I and DUI Level II programs before receiving a certificate of completion.
Driver Risk Evaluation:
  • Completed prior to course participation (when feasible).
  • One hour face to face substance abuse evaluation, completed by a certified DUI Evaluator.
  • Completion of written diagnostic tests along with the psychosocial evaluation are used to complete a comprehensive evaluation
  • Suncoast Safety Council’s Evaluators are bound by Professional Ethics in accordance with the American Psychological Association, federal and state laws.
Goals of Repeat Offender (Level II) Education course:
  • To educate regarding the effects of DUI.
  • To provide information on the effects and consequences of alcohol and other drugs on driving.
  • To provide information on the Psychological and physiological effects of alcohol and drugs.
  • Alternative behaviors and attitudes towards drinking and driving.
  • Linking people to community resources.
DUI Level II Course Content:
  • Consists of twenty-one (21) hours.
  • Includes behavioral objectives for the student.
  • Highly interactive, group process oriented and flexible to meet individual needs.
  • Emphasis on personal choice and special problems of the repeat offender.
  • Review of DUI Level I course content.
  • Substance abuse, chemical dependency, and additional issues will be addressed.
Course Availability:
  • Courses are available in English.
  • Locations include Clearwater and St. Petersburg.
  • To meet the needs of varying schedules of enrollees, classes are available weekly, days, evenings and weekends.
  • Enrollees must register for the DUI program in the county where they live, work or attend school, unless an exception has been granted.

Please be advised that you are only pre registering for the program. To enroll online and complete the registration process, you must have the ability to print/scan & email or fax.  Once you have pre-registered, you will need to contact our office at (727) 442-0233 ext. 541 between the hours of  8:00 AM and 4:00 PM to continue the process.  You will need to have your Citation and Complaint Arrest Affidavit/Accident report on hand at the time of the call.  The information entered online will be verified along with some additional information requested.  After the verification of the information, SSC will send you an email with various forms that must be printed, initialed, signed, dated and witnessed, then returned to SSC via email/fax. Once all forms are completed and returned to SSC, you will then be placed into your class and evaluation.

As a reminder, you have 90 days from the date of this payment to complete all aspects of the program (class and evaluation).

Please allow 1-2 hours to complete registration.
  • DUI registration fees and reschedule fees are set by the DHSMV for all Florida DUI programs.
  • DUI Level II Fee is $441.50 which includes the mandated State Assessment Fee, a life time Florida driving record and the Driver Risk Inventory questionnaire. The fee for out of state driving records is actual cost plus $1. For your convenience, Suncoast Safety Council accepts Cash, Checks, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Debit Cards.
Suncoast Safety Tips
Live safely!

Take care of yourself. Regular exercise makes you less injury prone. And donít forget sleep Ė when youíre well-rested, you can better avoid everyday hazards, both at home and at work. Remember: Staying healthy is one of the best ways to stay safe!